Even when you are by yourself, you will never be alone.


We are honored to offer our CareWatch in this extraordinary time of disruption and social distancing. Our special COVID-19 Program brings you the benefits of our CareWatch at NO CHARGE FOR 8 WEEKS*.

To order your CareWatch.  Add the CareWatch and the Monthly Service to your cart.   Provide your contact information for shipping and follow-up.  Your    CareWatch and Monthly Service are provided at no charge for 8 weeks.  After that time period you will have the option to return the watch to us free of charge or to purchase the CareWatch and monthly service at a discounted rate.

To set up your CareWatch.   Your CareWatch will arrive with the cellular service activated, and will come with a Quick Start Guide. If you have any questions about your Carewatch, contact us at 866-987-0468.  We also have a complete User Guide to assist you .

You will receive your CareWatch in 5-10 days. 

CDC-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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1) Have strong AT&T wireless coverage in your area

2) Have a family or friend willing to download and use the OneCare Guardian App

3) Provide feedback about CareWatch & app via an electronic survey

259.99 -0.0 USD
Monthly Service (C19)*
29.99 -0.0 USD
Monthly Service is for the CareWatch cellular service, Guardian Pro App and data analytics. Your monthly service is FREE for your complementary period.


The OneCare Guardian App was designed to help families share information to feel more secure, safe, and connected. Data is transmitted from the CareWatch to the Guardian app via the AT&T LTE-M connection or via a wireless connection. 

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A Watchful Lifestyle. 

       Feel safe and confidence   
         Never feel alone  
      Improve your quality of life 
      Increase family engagement  
      Share with your loved ones    

All settings for monitoring /alarms / 
reminders can be completed in the Guardian App.