The Care-as-a-Service Platform

The Care-as-a-Service Platform includes the OneCare CareWatch and Guardian App.   Together, they are a one-of-a-kind advanced older adult-care technology that functions as the most innovative product and service in the market of caring for the older adult and vulnerable populations.

The unique Care-as-a-Service platform allows loved ones to stay connected at all times through a Low-power WAN (LPWAN). This is a wireless, wide area network that interconnects a low-bandwidth, extended battery-powered watch with lower bit rates over a substantial distance range. 


Improving Quality of Life

Our unique Care-as-a-Service platform allows loved ones to remain connected at all times.  

That connection provides peace-of-mind for family members, better oversight for caregiver, and personalized health data for doctors.

Care-as-a-Service focuses on allowing older adults to age with confidence and independence as they transition into their golden years.


Introducing the OneCare Guardian App

The OneCare Guardian App is designed to connect families and physicians to their loved ones and patients through sharing near real-time health & wellness information via Verizon's LTE-M connection or WiFi. The connection we provide is aimed at improving quality of life and creating confident & independent living. 


What you can do with the OneCare Guardian App?*

  • Follow health and wellness information in near REAL TIME

  • Set and receive important alerts for better care management

  • Create medication and appointment reminders

  • Send notifications directly to the CareWatch

  • Create safe zones via geo-fencing

  • Enable emergency and SOS texts to your phone

*Stand-alone app. Information transmits through cellular and WiFi. Does NOT require CareWatch to be paired through bluetooth.  


  • Connectivity -- Cellular & WiFi

  • 24/7 Emergency Response Support Center

  • Text message and push notification alert

  • Near real-time health & wellness information and insights

Features of the CareWatch

A strong connection is more important than ever.

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Wear. Share. Care.

The Care-as-a-Service Difference

                • Platform designed with the caregiver in mind

                • CareWatch, connectivity, independent/decentralized caregiver app

                • Personal health account in the cloud

                • Data and analytics

                • LPWAN, open API

                • Most robust feature set on the market

                • Customization and flexibility


The Best Quality of Life Service In Wearable Health Monitoring System for Older Adults

The easy-to-download Guardian app is specifically designed to connect families, caretakers, and physicians through real-time health and wellness updates via Verizon’s LTE-M connection or WiFi. 

Of the smart health sensors available in the market, the OneCare Care-as-a-Service is specifically designed for the older adult and vulnerable populations with every necessary feature relevant to its user. A great way to catch your reader's attention is to tell a story.  The app features include: 

Alerts and Reminders

Custom reminders and alerts for medication and appointments

Track heart rate, sleep & steps 

Tracking health and wellness information (heart rate, activity/steps, sleep quality, fall detection) in near REAL-TIME

SOS & Threat Alert  

All-encompassing safety, SOS and threat alert buttons. Emergency texts  sent directly to the caregiver


Location monitoring and safe zones via geo-fencing

OneCare Care-as-a-Service provides a “connection” directed toward confidant & independent living. The service combines a standalone product and app without the requirement for the CareWatch to be paired via BlueTooth but uses Wifi or a cellular network instead. 

OneCare’s innovative and unique services are differentiated in the wearable technology market, providing a better oversight for the caregiver. Additionally, older adults are empowered to live an active lifestyle, age in place with dignity, and maintain independence while allowing emotional peace for self and family members.


Connecting people to people, people to devices, and devices to devices. Customized data capture, analytics and insights that directly improve quality of life for all: older adults, vulnerable individuals, caregivers and the community.

Contact us for more information. OneCare. We Care!

The One Care platform offers the most advanced and powerful features with services including 24/7 emergency response support center, text message and push notifications, near real-time wellness and health insights, and cellular/ Wi-Fi connectivity.

Designed with the caregiver in mind, the Guardian App provides emotional peace, focusing on staying connected  and an ability for unmatched customization and flexibility.  

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