The Care-as-a-Service Platform


Improving Quality of Life

Our unique Care-as-a-Service platform allows loved ones to remain connected at all times. 

That connection provides peace-of-mind for family members, better oversight for caretakers, and personalized health data for doctors.

Care-as-a-Service focuses on allowing our elderly to age with dignity and independence as they transition into their golden years.


The Care-as-a-Service Difference


                • Platform designed with the caregiver in mind

                • CareWatch, connectivity, independent/decentralized caregiver app

                • Personal health account in the cloud

                • Data and analytics

                • LPWAN, open API

                • Most robust feature set on the market

                • Customization and flexibility

Features of the CareWatch

A strong connection is more important than ever.

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Wear. Share. Care.

Introducing the OneCare Companion App


The OneCare Companion App is designed to connect families and physicians to their loved ones and patients through sharing near real-time health & wellness information via Verizon's LTE-M connection or WiFi. The connection we provide is aimed at improving quality of life and creating confident & independent living. 


  • Follow health and wellness information in near REAL TIME

  • Set and receive important alerts for better care management

  • Create medication and appointment reminders

  • Send notifications directly to the CareWatch

  • Create safe zones via geo-fencing

  • Enable emergency and SOS texts to your phone

*Stand-alone app. Information transmits through cellular and WiFi. Does NOT require CareWatch to be paired through bluetooth.


  • Connectivity -- Cellular & WiFi

  • 24/7 Emergency Response Support Center

  • Text message and push notification alert

  • Near real-time health & wellness information and insights

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