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OneCare offers a revolutionary Care-as-a-Service platform that helps take care of others.

By connecting loved ones and health care providers with near real-time data, our platform enables every person to age with independence and dignity. 

Care-as-a-Service is the only true caregiver platform. 

The OneCare Lifestyle

Who can I help and how can I help?

Our company is based on the principle of taking care of each other.  The caring instinct is deeply rooted in our human nature. It has a biological basis in the brain and body, affecting the physiological, mental, spiritual, and physical health and wellness.

Our mission is to become a cornerstone of the caring economy, promote taking care of each other, and improve quality of life.  

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Stay Close to Your Loved Ones

Users can connect in near real-time, at any time, and at all times with the most advanced care platform on the market.

Care-as-a-Service provides health and wellness information that includes heart rate, activity, sleep, fall detection, location, and an SOS button.

History of Taking Care of Each Other

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What They're Saying

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