I can relate. Can you?
Let's help one another!

Caring for a loved one is an emotional experience. If you are like me,  it often feels like you are the only one going through it and there is nobody else who can relate. That is not the case. The more I talk with people, the more I find those who are going through the same thing that I am.

I recently was on an airplane, leaving my mom in Wisconsin to join my husband in West Palm Beach, Florida. I had a myriad of emotions including guilt and anxiety. I felt guilty for leaving my mom alone despite her saying she could take care of herself for a while, or at least until I returned. I felt anxiety for leaving her alone not knowing if she truly could care for herself! I also felt uneasy about asking friends and other relatives to help with tasks that mom could not, or should not  do such as driving to and getting food at the grocery store. The woman next to me was very nice so we started chatting about small things, such as where are you going? Business or pleasure? I came to find out that she was in my situation a short while ago with her father.

To make a long story short, I told her about One Care's. I told her that my mom wears a watch to monitor her and through an app on my phone, I could see my mom's steps, heart rate, sleep patterns and I could even get an SOS if my mother were to fall. She proceeded to tell me that she lived five minutes away from her father. He had fallen one morning, and had she received a notification, she could have been to his house within a few moments. Instead, she found him lying on the floor after not responding to her phone call that day. Unfortunately, he had passed on. She said over and over again that if he had the watch and she had the app, it would have saved his life. 

One Care's is more than a product or an app. One Care's is a community. A community of caregiving people who can share experiences. Experiences of love and care, joy and pain. Experiences that can help one another. Experiences that can make a differences. Let's help one another!

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