OneCare Covid-19 
Special Program EXTENDED,

Bridging the space between people in this
critical time of social distancing for free

The Revolutionary CareWatch Remote Mobile Connection Platform Empowers Health, Wellness and Confidence for the Wearer and Easily Allows Families, Caregivers and Employers to Embraces a Watchful Lifestyle. This Special Offer Reduces the Space For Those Taking Care of and Watching over Others.

Batesville, Indiana ---June 22, 2020 - OneCare, Inc. is extending its Care as a Service (original 4/2/2020) free of charge to users for an additional period of eight weeks or as specified by CDC guidance for social distancing. "It's critical for families and caregivers to have access to this social distancing solution during this time. It's our way of contributing to reducing the emotional, spiritual, physical, and economic effects of social isolation" says Tom Glaser, Founding Partner and Chairman.

At the core of the Care as a Service platform, the CareWatch, is the first and only stand alone, direct cellular connected, certified wrist wearable on the low power, wide area network (LTE-M) in the world. It's robust feature set of health, wellness and confidence data is powered by Microsoft Azure and its iOT Hub, the leading Healthcare Cloud Platform and lives on the ATT LTE-M network.

Dr. Jeff Hatcher, OneCare Board Member and Medical Director, and recent Covid-19 sufferer, experienced first-hand the peace of mind the CareWatch brought to he and his family during his time in quarantine. "It was truly remarkable the effect it had. And I can also say, as a physician, OneCare is fundamentally changing the way we caregivers stay connected with our patients across the healthcare continuum…post hospitalization, homecare, senior living and in the physician practice."

Interested participants in the Covid-19 Special Program should visit and order.  


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1) Have strong AT&T wireless coverage in your area

2) Have a family or friend willing to download and use the OneCare Guardian App

3) Provide feedback about CareWatch & app via an electronic survey