even if you're by yourself you'll never be alone.

Times like these, demand a watch like this.


Designed for how you live your life.
Connecting means living your life to the fullest.

Stay Watchful. 

The CareWatch is directly connected to the AT&T cellular network and is the most comprehensive solution for monitoring the health, safety and protection for those we care about. 

The OneCare Guardian APP is a cutting-edge solution for remote monitoring, delivering data, predictive analytics, and comprehensive health information.



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Monitoring steps/motion results can play an integral part of your lifestyle transformation process by helping to successfully accomplish your fitness goals. 


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Knowledge about your heart rate can help you monitor your fitness level — and it might even help you spot developing health problems. 


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Getting a good night's sleep is important to your personal health. The sleep monitor in the watch can help you see sleeping patterns and help you take charge of getting a better night's sleep. 



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Your family and friends will be able to locate you in case of an emergency using our GPS capability. If there is a need, a
Geo-fence can be set up to send an alert if someone leaves a
specific area. 


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 Our watch is designed to detect falls among the senior age group to ensure that help is on the way. When the watch detects a fall, you will be connected to an emergency service who will immediately contact help along with your family & friends. 


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If you need help for any reason, press the SOS button and be connected to a call center 24/7. The watch will also send a text message alert to your family and friends.  



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The OneCare Guardian Mobile App is paired with your watch. It allows you to see weekly or monthly patterns of your data, such as steps or sleep. You can allow family or friends to also see your data. 


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The OneCare Platform is a key partner in your long-term health & happiness. OneCare can analyze your collected data & recommend actions that may help improve your overall health & wellness.  


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The Care Exchange is a community of enthusiasts of our OneCare CareWatch products and services. Share and discuss your thoughts, ask questions, stay watchful. 


INtroducing the Onecare Guardian App

The OneCare Guardian App is designed to help families share information to feel more secure, safe, and connected. Data is transmitted from the CareWatch to the Guardian app via the AT&T LTE-M connection or via a WI-FI connection. 

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    A Watchful Lifestyle.

         Feel safe and confident   
          Never feel alone  
       Improve your quality of life 
       Increase family engagement  
       Share with your loved ones    

All settings for monitoring / alarms /
reminders can be configured in the Guardian App. 

How the OneCare Carewatch & App
Work together

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